Dubai Remote Worker's Visa - All you need to know.

Dubai Remote Worker's Visa - All you need to know.

At an unprecedented move by the government of the United Arab Emirates, It's allowing remote workers from all over the world to apply for a remote work visa. The applicants could be working for any country in the world and don't necessarily have to be employed by a company in the UAE. They could also choose to bring their family along.

The resolution is among several initiatives approved by the UAE cabinet during a meeting chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

This move will position the UAE as an ideal work and tourist destination. "We are working with clear objectives to boost our economic status globally and provide the best quality of life to our citizens and residents. Our journey of development endures." Sheikh Mohammed noted.

This step is considered the first of its kind in the region, it provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and talents to innovate in the UAE’s safe and attractive business environment, with access to all the necessary services including world-class utilities.

The new scheme aims at supporting the public and private sector alike, enhancing the work-life balance, boosting productivity and improving the corporate environment. It also provides the immigrants with tools to expand their digital skills using the infrastructure in place and adapt to the emerging gig economy.

This sounds too good to be true, so is it? There's a catch! The applicant has to be earning at least an amount of 5000 USD a month, show proof of employment at the time of applying, and must have valid health insurance that has coverage in The UAE.

What’s the cost of applying for it?

The cost of the visa application is 267 USD + Medical Insurance -per person. The Validity of this particular visa is one year but you can reapply after its expiry.

This Programme will provide applicants with the ability to live in Dubai similar to residents, by providing access to phone lines, resident ID cards, banking facilities, and the ability to rent accommodation or send children to school (some of these were reserved for permanent residents before).

So why is the government of the UAE doing this? The reason is that they are selecting reasonably well-earning candidates and by virtue of people working for international companies the government of the UAE aims to attract talents and expertise from all over the world.

The intended upshot is the influx of a highly educated group of people which is going to make the city a great hub for people to network with each other. As the eligibility criteria requires that the candidate be a remote worker, they are going to be bringing in a lot of foreign cash-flow to be spent within the walls of Dubai, this is going to bolster the local economy and make Dubai one of the most competitive cities in the world in terms of robust economies.

Dubai is already ranked 2nd among 75 cities, based on factors including quality of infrastructure, taxes, freedom, safety, and liveability. This move will push it to the top and give it a significant lead over other cities so taking advantage of this scheme is a no-brainer.

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